Xobni推出通讯录管理应用iPhone版:Smartr Contacts / 2012-01-24

Smartr Contacts brings you that magic. This free app automatically creates rich profiles for all your contacts, including communication history and updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Life is about people, and Smartr Contacts brings them to you – Automatically.

Key features of Smartr Contacts:
– Automatic. Finds all the people you know from your email, calendar or social networks.
– Personal. Puts a face to every name and email address.
– Insightful. Detects and assigns phone numbers automatically.
– Socially aware. Integrates Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
– Relevant. Ranks contacts by importance, so the most important people are at the top.
– Fast. Search by first, last, company name or phone number to find anyone.
– Contextual. View email and calendar subjects for each person.
– Convenient. One click access to SMS, call or email.

Here are some ways you can use Smartr Contacts for your personal and professional life:
– Keep track of all the people you’ve ever communicated with – automatically
– Always know who you’re communicating with photos and recent communication history
– Call, email or SMS someone with a single tap
– Stay up to date with updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
– See who you have in common with everyone
– Bring all your contacts together into one place
– Protect your contacts in the cloud, so should you lose your phone, all your contacts are safe and secure


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