Prismatic:个性化新闻推荐 / 2012-10-07

Effortlessly discover stories based on your interests. As soon as you sign up with Facebook, Twitter or G+, we start learning about you and connecting you with the most interesting stories. Prismatic is a smart personal newsfeed with simple layouts that creates a delightful reading experience.

With Prismatic, you get:

✮ Personal Newsfeed: We use every available signal to understand your interests and craft the most personalized experience possible. We balance among all your interests, so you see a smart mix of what you like along with new stuff that you wouldn’t find otherwise.

✮ Unlimited Exploration: Prismatic is designed to help you branch out from what you’re already seeing. Discover new niche interests by tapping on interest links, or by exploring from the main menu.

✮ Effortless Sharing: It’s easy to share stories and interests with your friends, or find things to do in your local newsfeed.


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