NDrive:NAVER推出的30G网盘服务 / 2012-10-07


Free 30GB file storage space on the Web,app, that is NAVER Ndrive.
You can access to your files at anytime,anywhere with Ndrive APP.

-Easily upload photos and videos on your iPhone

-You can view doc,xls,ppt,pdf files,of course in offline mode.

-Sync photos and videos in you camera roll to Ndrive.

-Works good as a music player:shows your music files by artist or album,and also shows cover images.
*Only mp3 files are available on NdriveAPP.

-Enable to view photos on slide show.

-File Sharing with Bluetooth
*Video and mp3 files are excluded from sharing in Bluetooth.
*This feature is only available when you start the app.


很差较差还行推荐力荐 (尚未评分)
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