ISO500:500px第三方iPhone客户端 / 2012-04-09

很喜欢这个App!ISO500 is a client app for the great photography website 500px.

500px is quickly becoming the place to go to look at beautiful photographs from all around the world.

With ISO500 you can view these amazing photos fullscreen on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

To quickly switch between the featured categories, we’ve designed a very easy to use wheel that reminds us of the dials on old manual cameras.

You can browse hundreds of beautiful photos in all 500px featured categories (Editor’s choice, Popular, Incoming, Fresh).
If you find a photo you like, you can view its author gallery with one tap.

View beautiful, full size photos without distractions. You don’t need a 500px account to use the app but if you have one, you can see your photos, friends’ photos and your favorites.

You can vote for photos, add them to your favorites, share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or via e-mail.

You can also read & write comments to interact with other 500px users (and add them to your friends)

We are constantly working to add new features, support the evolution of the API and provide you with more 500px features (account creation, search, and more…)

ISO500 is compatible with iOS 5 and with all iPhone & iPod Touch running iOS 4.2.1 and up.
It supports multitasking and retina display graphics in landscape and portrait orientation in the full screen photo navigator.


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