ENDI Tank Battle HD:好玩的坦克游戏 / 2012-01-02

The National Institute of Digital Entertainment is proud to bring you ENDI Tank Battle !

Take the opportunity to play a funny arcade-oriented fighting game in a full toyish 3D environment:

– Drive various types of tanks in many surprising environments that will remind you of your childhood;
– Fight enemies with various personalities, specific strengths and weaknesses;
– Complete 30 missions with specific goals;
– Try our three intuitive control modes;
– Experience astonishing soundtracks and FX (try the voices FX !);
– Publish your accomplishments on Facebook and challenge your friends.

Will you be the next kindergarten king ???

We’re working hard on additional content (tanks, maps, missions) so stay tuned for a huge content update !

This game is brought to you by the National Institute of Digital Entertainment. It has been made exclusively by two teams of our students in a 24-weeks development project !

Located in the heart of Quebec City, the National Institute of Digital Entertainment offers a unique opportunity for students to get training in video game development. In addition to receiving mentoring by outstanding professionals from the video game industry, the students will work on developing and publishing an original game during 12 weeks in an Agile (scrum) video game environment. The students also get one week of immersion at one of our corporate members (Beenox, Frima Studio, Longtail Studios, Sarbakan, Ubisoft).


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