Attachments:Gmail附件管理应用 / 2012-12-17

比较实用的功能,可以设定规则直接将邮件附件存储到Dropbox中。 is a free service for Gmail that helps you save time when managing your email attachments.


  • * Securely send attachments into your cloud storage services
  • * Quickly email a file from Skydrive, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box without ever having to pull the file to your phone
  • * Search for text inside your attachments, not just in the email
  • * Setup automatic filing to ensure your attachments end up in the cloud, secure and easy for you to find
  • * Extremely secure – bank-level encryption for all communication

After signing up for, you can search for your attachments by the text in the email, and the text in the files. After connecting your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box account and setting up automatic filing, you can know that your attachments are being organized into the cloud, even while you’re relaxing on the beach.



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