Analytics Pro:最好的Google analytics iPhone客户端 / 2012-09-07

Finally an App to access Google Analytics™ with all the features you want and need. Your data is presented in a useful and meaningful way rather than just listing the data like some other Apps. Contact Us via our Website if you have any questions.

– Intuitive Date Picker for setting the Date Range
– Multiple Accounts and Profiles.
– Portrait and Landscape Graphs & Maps
– Multiple Graphs and data for all metrics
– Export data to TXT or PDF (60 different Reports)
– Print Reports directly to a printer on a wireless network with AirPrint (requires iOS 4.2 and compatible printer).
– Drill Down through your data
– Fast on 3G, Wifi or Edge.

The Summary reports give you a snapshot of recent visitor activity on your site, split into five groups: Visitors, Traffic Sources, Referral Sources, Top Content, Top 10 Countries, Operating System and Search Keywords.
– Hourly visitor statistics for Today and Yesterday
– Daily visitor statistics for a preset or custom date range.

-Visitor Statistics on a Daily and Hourly Graph. All reports display multiple data metrics such as Visits, Page Views, Time on Site, New Visits and Bounce Rate.
– Visitor Statistics are also displayed on a World or US Map with Pan and Zoom function enabling you to easily visualise where your visitors are coming from. Select a country and drill down to Daily and Hourly Statistics for your selected Country or US State.
– Visitor Statistics by Continent, Sub-Continent, Country, Region & City
– Visitor Language
– Visitor Loyalty
– Browser, Browser Version and Operating System
– Operating System and Version
– Colors & Resolution
– Flash Support
– Java Support
– Network Domain
– Network Location
– Hostname
– Connection Speed

– Traffic Sources show where your visitors come from, including links that display the actual web page that your visitors came from.
– Search Keywords
– Adwords Campaigns
– Keyword Positions (Ad Slot, Keyword, Ad Position)
– Campaign Performance shows Daily Trend Graph for CPM/C, CTR, Ad Cost, Impressions & adClicks.
– Ad Versions (Campaign and Ad Content)

– Top Content
– Top Content By Title
– Top Landing Pages
– Top Exit Pages
– Site Search Keywords
– Site Search Categories
– Event Categories
– Event Actions
– Event Trending showing a daily trend graph of Events

– Goal Completions. Graphs for All Goals and Goals 1-20
– Goal Starts. Graphs for All Goals and Goals 1-20
– Goal Value. Graphs for All Goals and Goals 1-20

– Hourly E-Commerce statistics for Today and Yesterday
– Daily E-Commerce for a preset or custom date range.
– Transaction Daily Trend Graph. Drill down through your data to see the Transactions and Purchases for any day.
– Product Summary
– Product SKU Summary
– Product Categories Summary


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