Tipshare:小贴事分享平台 / 2006-10-11



What is
It is a place to share your personal experiences with everyone in the world. You can submit your own tips, and people around the planet can benefit from your wisdom. Our aim is to encourage everyone to share their personal insights by posting tips.
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Tipshare是 一个分享小贴事的网站,你可以提交自己的小贴事,也可以阅览来自自全球的用户写的关于各种主题的小贴事。一个不错的分享和交流的平台。首页按照不同的分类 将tips列出。同时列出了popular tips, top rated tips, favorite tips和most discussed tips,你可以按照不同的分类进行浏览,也可以和别人分享你的tips。分享小贴事同时也能认识很多“贴友” ,何乐而不为呢?