Chuquet:blog指南网站 / 2006-10-15


About Chuquet
What is it? When search sites say ‘give us keywords and we’ll filter interesting stuff for you’, I never know what keywords to use to get ‘interesting’ stuff. I’d rather just see what lots of people are linking to on the basis that if several people are linking to it, it might be interesting.
How does it work? Chuquet regularly scans over a thousand feeds – including stacks of Top 100 feeds – and looks for common links that appear within those feeds.


Chuquet是一个blog指南网站,它扫描上千个blog网站,有点象一个blog聚合站点,不过他是有一定的过滤机制。Chuquet它有几种浏览方式可供选择:the buzz, flickr wall(以网页上的某些flickr图片为浏览单位,如上图), tag cloud (以标签的方式浏览)和 wikirefs(以wiki中涉及的词条来浏览)。你也可以提交自己的网站blog或者相应feed,我提交了一下,不过还没消息。