web2.0网站大全 / 2006-09-12


Blogging Services (106 sites) : Sites that allow users to blog, add functionality to blogs etc
Bookmarking Services (54 sites) : Sites that allow storing, searching, sharing bookmarks, web snippets, browsing archive etc
Browsing Services (18 sites) : Web browsers, add-ons, plug-ins etc
Business Services (75 sites) : Services/software oriented towards businesses including advertising, hosting, etc
Calendar Services (21 sites) : Online calendar services including reminders, planners etc
Cataloging Services (26 sites) : Sites allowing users to list and share books, CDs, DVDs, movies etc
Chat Services (23 sites) : Services for user chat; some overlap with messaging.
Collaboration Services (125 sites) : Services allowing multiple users to group and collaborate/share including blogging, bookmarking, tasks, to-do etc
Coming Soon! Services (51 sites) : Services with online buzz but have a Coming Soon! sign on their homepage
Community Services (17 sites) : Shared community building services; some overlap with local
Cooperative Distribution Services (4 sites) : File transfer using multiple users like BitTorrent etc
Designing Services (4 sites) : Color coordination and design services etc
eCommerce Services (64 sites) : Sites that are selling things, assisting in buying/selling or providing ecommerce solutions etc
Email Services (30 sites) : Email service providers including voice mail via email etc
Employment Services (13 sites) : Jobs, gigs, projects, long/short-term etc
Events Services (17 sites) : Sites tracking local events / happenings; some overlap with calendars
Filtering Services (184 sites) : Services that content filter info/news/feeds; allow users to choose content etc
Financial Services (18 sites) : Sites dealing with personal finances / money / networth etc
Framework Services (19 sites) : Platforms / frameworks to run other software solutions etc
Game Services (9 sites) : Games related
Geotracking Services (9 sites) : Tracking users by IP / location ; some overlap with mobile etc
Grassroots Services (7 sites) : Social community grassroots projects; local people helping other people etc
Humor Services (6 sites) : Ha Ha ; very funny
Invitation Services (1 sites) : Online invitations
Local Services (22 sites) : Local community / neighborhood services; overlap with community etc
Mapping Services (50 sites) : Service using maps (mostly Google Maps)
Mashup Services (20 sites) : Sites mixing up services like amazon, blogger, del.icio.us, flickr etc
Messaging Services (32 sites) : Services focussing on various messaging clients; overlap with chat
Mobile Services (33 sites) : Services for users with mobile phones
Music Services (47 sites) : Creating, discovering, searching, sharing, storing etc for music
Networking Services (40 sites) : Services allowing users to connect to other users; creating social networks
Non-Profits Services (9 sites) : Services related to non-profit organizations
Note Taking Services (16 sites) : Online note taking including rich text editors; some overlap with wiki
Office Services (45 sites) : Services oriented towards replacing Office suite applications
Other Lists (17 sites) : Other Web 2.0 blogs/lists to visit
Peer Services (114 sites) : Services where users rank, comment, collaborate on presented information
Photography Services (92 sites) : Services to edit, manage, print, share, store images/photographs
Podcasts Services (36 sites) : Services to create, host, manage, search podcasts
Polling Services (5 sites) : Polling / surveying services
Programming Services (73 sites) : Coding, demos, proof-of-concept, program snippet sharing sites
Project Management Services (5 sites) : Services to assist in large project execution
Publishing Services (6 sites) : Books / printing / on-demand publishing etc
RSS Services (90 sites) : Atom/RSS feed aggregation, creation, online reading, management services
Search Services (110 sites) : Search engines/services for text/music/podcasts/videos/with user inputs etc
Start Pages Services (23 sites) : Totally customizable personalized starting pages
Storage Services (30 sites) : Online file storage and transfer services
Streaming Services (13 sites) : Online media/music/video streaming services
Tech Support Services (4 sites) : Help desk / ticketing software/services
To Do Services (14 sites) : Online task lists; overlap with calendars
Travel Services (24 sites) : Travel/hotel information planning/sharing; ticket booking etc
Vblogging Services (4 sites) : Video blogging services
Video Services (62 sites) : Creating, discovering, searching, sharing, storing etc for videos
Web Analytics Services (12 sites) : Blog/site traffic measurement/status reporting services etc
Wi-Fi Services (2 sites) : Wireless info/sharing services
Wiki Services (10 sites) : Online group information editing; overlap with note taking