GoobToob:Video类Digg网站 / 2006-09-06

What is GoobToob? GoobToob is the place where you can submit your favorite video clips, vote for your favorites to the top, and comment on anything you think is toobworthy. We don’t host the videos at GoobToob, we just help you filter out the best from other sites, and give you a place to share it with your friends.

GoobToob是一个让你提交一些Video连接和评价的网站,个人有点象一个视频类的Digg网站。你可以从一些网站如Google vidoe,Youtube等等中你喜欢的Video链接到GoobToob,让大家来打分评价。通过tag对Video进行分类,提供Video的RSS输出。看来Digg站点也开始出现专业化的趋势,确实如果做成象Digg这样的站点,内容很多,会有一种凌乱的感觉。所以web2.0专业化的发展也许是一种必然的趋势。